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Success Journey About Sage & Fire

Established in 2020, the year of pendemic transformation for humanity, Sage & Fire has risen to nourish and re-establish the connection between ourselves and nature. There is a gateway calling you towards a more profound and fulfilling life, and cannabis is the key. So we have an obligation, and the fortunate pleasure, of providing the best, safest, and highest-quality cannabis in the world for our patrons!

Pearl Ayon and Alex Scherer bring nearly a decade each of experience in commercial cannabis operations in California. She’s the wise sage and he’s the fire spirit of our operations. As original pioneers in California’s industry they’ve committed to maintaining the integrity and spirit of the cannabis movement. It’s about the people, the planet, and the pleasure to serve world-class California cannabis to our customers.

  • FounderAlex Scherer
  • FounderPearl Ayon


To provide the worlds best cannabis we scoured the Trinity Mountains, rode skunk trains through Mendocino forests, and slept under the worlds tallest trees in Humboldt county.

Our network consists of the best geneticists, indoor growers, and champion extract artists the worlds ever known. We’ve broken bread with the worlds best canna chefs, but our favorite part of it all is bringing it back to you. We’ll never sacrifice on quality because you deserve the best!


Cannabis has the ability to transform. It can provide health, perspective, and connection amongst individuals. Sage & Fire strives to have a positive impact on modern culture.

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